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Canada’s IT talent void, what it means for Information Technology Companies in Edmonton

In 2015, a new breed of employee – employer matching service was opened, Hired, and it instantly became a hit. Thousands of companies enlisted, as did thousands more willing employees. A lot of the people were successfully placed and yet a lot more have yet to be matched. What we deduced from this is that while the people without jobs are in plenty supply, they just aren’t fit for the positions posted by the majority of companies on HIred, Information Technology service Edmonton has more than a hundred of these.

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The deduction from the hiring trend observed above was confirmed by the CPO and co-founder of the new type of jobs website when he said that the jobs are not yet filled, meanwhile there are no people to take them up. The same issue has been recognized by other companies. Toronto based Shopify, a technologically based e-commerce enabling company expressed how tough it is for them to get the right people for the many positions they usually have open.

Information technology companies Edmonton has are not secluded from the deficiency. A recent job fair hosted by Acces Emploi revealed the shortage of jobs all around Edmonton companies. Most of the interviewed unemployed people waiting in line, Canadian and foreigners, were from other sectors other than the IT focused. It is only expected that fewer companies that are It only were even present.

Hired is looking to spread its fingers into many other areas of Canada where the same phenomenon can be observed and where their presence could make a change. The unemployment figure for the entire Alberta area recently spiked to 7.9%. This will confuse you if you search for IT jobs in the same area on any online platform – a lot will come up, new ones posted daily.

The ICTC created a shocking revelation in their recently published report, predicting that by 2020, just 4 years from now, the then two hundred thousand technical computer positions will have an insufficient number of employees to it. It’s a good thing then, that the world of freelancing has opened the world up to talent from all corners of the world. What it means for information technology companies Edmonton and beyond is that they will have to include remote help where possible.

Programmers and analysts are not in short supply elsewhere in the world. Consider India as a sole example, they are probably more that needed, a rare situation anywhere in the world. A lot of the freelancers work at half the cost required for local talent, something of good kind of news for all tech companies, given their wage bills will be cut, but not their productivity. So while we all cry foul when we hear that a foreigner got a job, the truth is that there is nobody else fit for the task. Not with lesser of our children attempting a go at the tech area degrees.

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